Spring repair for garage doors

We all live busy and hectic lives, we need things to work as and when we use them. Alas, inconveniences and unfortunate happenstances can and indeed do occur at the worst possible times, like your garage door not opening when you need to use the car.

One of the problems in such an instance could be broken springs on your garage door opening mechanism. Garage doors have a multitude of moving parts, all needed and to work in unison to make the operation of your door as smooth and easy as possible, and to open/close it on a regular everyday basis. Among the tracks, belts, rollers, and springs, it is the latter that does the most work; there are two types of garage door springs - torsion and extension - and their job is to essentially offset and counterbalance the weight of the garage door, allowing it to open/close easily either by hand or garage door opener, not an easy task as the average garage door weighs an average of 400 pounds. Tightly coiled, these springs provide the vast majority of lifting power for the garage door.

The usage of garage doors are measured in cycles - that is, the complete opening and closing of a garage door in totality at one time - and it’s estimated that the average garage door is opened/closed 6-8 times daily, and a total of 3, 000 times (or cycles) per year. Through repeated cycles, the coils lose strength and inevitably cause the springs to break. Simple wear and tear is the most common reason for garage door springs failing, but also other factors can enter the equation; like stored chemicals in the immediate vicinity, rust, or even moisture.

When a garage door spring begin to significantly deteriorate, you will know by the increased strain on the garage door opener as more weight is necessarily needed to lift the heavy garage door; the heavier the garage door feels when lifted, the more deteriorated your springs have become. Once you hear and/or see such an occurrence, it is imperative you get the springs checked as soon as possible by a professional.

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    A worn or broken garage door spring can cause tremendous strain on a garage door system, causing the door to be unusually heavy; this can potentially cause not only irreparable damage to and failure of the garage door’s electric motor, adversely affecting the spring’s ability to act as a counterbalance. In a worst case scenario, this could cause the heavy garage door to suddenly fall down, causing not only severe property damage, but also catastrophic injury and/or death to someone underneath the falling garage door, thus making the garage door springs probably the single most important safety element to any garage door.

    Don’t let it get to that stage though, if possible… if you hear any strange noise coming from your garage door when opening/closing it, don’t wait for something to happen, call the professionals immediately.

    Replacing garage door springs is dangerous; a sufficiently deteriorated garage door spring can break suddenly, sounding like a gunshot, and could lead to the garage door slamming shut immediately with violent force. It cannot be too highly stressed NOT to repair a garage door spring yourself, unless you’re a qualified and expert professional. The tension in a garage door spring, when it breaks, is powerful enough to throw you off a ladder, break a car window, or even result in you ending up in hospital with severe injuries… it isn’t worth it. There are lamentably many accidents, injuries, and death every year due to amateur home-repairers who don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to safely repair garage door springs. Leave it to the pro’s.

    This is where we can not only help you but also provide peace of mind so you know your family will remain safe.

    Once you contact us, our fully-qualified and experienced expert technicians, upon coming to your house in a prompt manner, will immediately assess the situation whilst effectively securing the garage door safely so your family will remain in no danger whilst we examine and diagnose the issue. We will be exacting in methodically pinpointing the issue, keeping you informed at all times, and should the garage door springs need replacing - it is best to replace both at the same time; if one spring goes, the other is sure to follow soon after - we carry a wide range of the highest quality garage door springs, cold rolled and soaked in oil to prevent rust and corrosion, and include extended-life springs for enhanced performance over time, and can complete task in around two hours, providing safety for your family, peace of mind for you, and a fully functioning garage door for many years to come.

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