First settled in 1735 by Ebenezer Lyman Jr of Durham, Connecticut, early settlers resided on the hills west of the Naugatuck River where the first school, store, and tavern were built. The eastern hill of Torringford was likewise settled as it provided the best farmland.

Torrington was given permission to organize a government and was incorporated as a town in 1740.


The fast-moving waters of the Naugatuck River was used to power early 19th century industries, and industrial economic growth increased exponentially when Frederick Wolcott constructed a woolen mill there in 1813. The mill attracted a large workforce and created demands for housing, services, and goods.


Between 1880 and 1920, the population of Torrington exploded, rising exponentially from 3, 000 to 22, 000 in the four decades between the aforementioned years, boosted by immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe, mainly consisting of Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, and Italians.


The process of condensing milk was invented by Gail Borden, who opened a factory there in 1857, and the new product proved valuable, especially to soldiers in the ensuing Civil War that started just three years later.


The instigator of that bloody conflict, John Brown, was born in Torrington in 1800.


Torrington was incorporated a city in 1923.


John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859, and his subsequent execution for treason because of that, is what lit the fuse on the smoldering issue of slavery at the time tht ultimately led to the Civil War, which lasted three gruelling years and cost the lives of some 600, 000 men. Whether one agrees with Brown’s tactics or not, he so fervently believed in the sin of slavery that he was willing to go to extreme lengths to end it, even it took bloodletting to achieve it. He was a man who had the absolute courage and convictions and was determined to see them through no matter the cost.


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