The good town of vernon was formally incorporated in October 1808 from the neighboring town of Bolton.

The name of the town is taken from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

Contains the former city of Rockville, which was incorporated in January 1889, with Vernon/Rockville officially consolidating on July 1st, 1965.


From the colonial era through to the end of WWII, there was a tradition in Vernon known as ‘Moving Day’, wherein landlords would inform their tenants in April of a change in rent; those unable to afford it and wanting to move to more cost-effective accommodation would then have weeks to find it until the deadline of May 1st, when the streets would be filled with individuals and families moving out to new residences, leading one archivist to describe the scene afterwards as being “like an earthquake had just hit”, such was the scattered remains of old furniture, broken dishes, and even demolished old homes to make way for newer ones strewn over the streets.


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