The settlement of the area that became current-day Watertown began around 1657, and at the time, it was called by the native American name of Mattatock. The name was changed to Waterbury on march 20, 1695 by consensus of the local governing council. It originally encompassed a much greater swathe of land within its boundaries that it does now. It was formally incorporated as a town in 1780 under charter.


Back between 1857 and 1889, a mysterious and still positively-unidentified vagabond known simply as ‘The Leatherman’ roamed the areas of eastern Connecticut and northern New York, walking the same 365-mile route over and over again, and became a regular in many towns, including Watertown. Wearing the same leather clothes, he spoke fluent French, had limited command of the English language, and despite no apparent means of financially supporting himself, always had money to pay for groceries. Never violent, if rather gruff and abrupt in demeanour, the old hobo became an endearing figure to many in the towns he visited every 34 days or so, with many giving him food and letting him eat on their doorstep, and many towns even passed ordinances exempting him from the state law forbidding vagrancy. His body was found in 1889, and it was determined he died of mouth cancer, likely due to his smoking habit.


No-one has ever been able to determine his name or background, but nonetheless, his legend endures to this day, as does the memory of how a potentially dangerous individual who many people might otherwise cross the street to avoid became a loved and endearing staple of the local community.


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