The original name of the town later to become Woddbridge was Amity, having been carved out of land belonging to New Haven and Millford as an independent parish. In 1742, the reverend Benjamin Woodbridge was ordained in Amity and it is after him that the modern town’s name is taken. Woodbridge was incorporated as a town in its own right in 1784.


In 1661, the town was the location of one of the so-called Regicides; one of three English judges who had signed the death warrant of King Charles I in 1649 and were now being pursued by vengeful Crown authorities under Charles’ son, who had ascended to the throne in 1660. The ruins of their hideout can still be found on the nearby West Rock Lodge, which runs along the town’s eastern border.


The sulfur match was invented in Woodbridge by Samuel Beecher and Thomas Sandford in 1835.


King Charles I was considered a vain, arrogant, and tactless monarch who so firmly believed in his divine right to rule that he was unable to see the emerging crisis that would ultimately lead to bloody conflict, but also the removal of both himself from the throne and his head from his shoulders when he executed for high treason in 1649.


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