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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. Its functioning is responsible not only for your convenience but also for your safety. In addition, it is also the largest and heaviest moving mechanism in your home and something that you use several times a day, each day. That's why taking care of your garage doors is important. However, how often do we regularly check our garage doors? After all, this is something that we use every day in the morning while leaving for work and again at night when we return home. Usually, only during these situations do we pay more attention to certain malfunctions.

Sometimes we just don't have enough time for immediate repairs. That is how minor breakdowns can become more serious over time. Due to improper use, the mechanism wears out and at some point, may stop working altogether. This causes not only many inconveniences but also affects the overall level of protection of your home. That is why it is so important to take care of any malfunctions your garage door has in time. In this article, we put together a garage door maintenance checklist to help you out, so keep reading!

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Do You Need To Maintain Garage Door?

When we hear the question "Do garage doors need maintenance?" from our customers, our unequivocal answer is "Yes!" After all, like every mechanism or anything in your house, a garage door also needs regular inspections and repairs. This can not only save you time trying to troubleshoot a malfunctioning door, but it can also save you money.

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    Safety and security

    First and foremost, your garage door keeps your loved ones and property safe. This alone is reason enough to make sure that its repair and maintenance are done regularly. In addition, even the simplest garage doors weigh a lot. A malfunctioning door can pose a danger to your family and your cars. That's why it is extremely important to ensure that the door mechanism works properly to avoid unpleasant situations.

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    Saving money

    Regular inspection and maintenance are methods that prevent serious breakdowns, as they can detect malfunctions in the initial stages. In this way, you can actually save money by paying significantly less for a minor repair instead of repairing the entire mechanism. In addition, regular maintenance will also significantly extend the life of your garage door. In the long run, this saves you the expense of having to install a new door.

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    Regular garage door maintenance will not only protect you from unexpected breakdowns but also makes it easier to use. After all, the mechanism wears out over time, and it can become quite difficult to use the garage door. However, regular inspection and maintenance can keep your garage door operating safely and smoothly.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does A Garage Door Need?

While you can have your garage door regularly inspected by a professional company, you can also do it yourself. It is not necessary, of course, to completely disassemble the mechanism or attempt complicated procedures that require specific knowledge. Usually, it's enough to pay attention to the slightest malfunctions and extraneous sounds when opening or closing the garage door. Here below is a list of tips on how to service a garage door without the help of a specialist:

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    Lubricate the parts

    Lubricating the parts of your garage door and garage door opener can greatly extend the life of your mechanism. From time to time, take a few minutes and lubricate the rollers, hinges, bearings and other parts with grease so that you may keep using your garage door with ease.

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    Examine the door itself

    Check for warping, cracks, or peeling paint if you have a wooden garage door. If the door is made of steel, then check it for rust. In this case, sand and paint the garage door.

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    Check out the rollers and weatherstripping

    It doesn't matter if the rollers are made of steel or nylon, if they are cracked or worn, they need to be replaced. Regularly inspect the condition of the rollers on your garage door to keep the mechanism running smoothly and easily. The same goes for weatherstripping.

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    Inspect the torsion springs

    The torsion spring is one of the most important parts of a garage door, as it holds the door in place, which is quite a task. This part often wears out and requires regular maintenance by a professional. If you notice that the torsion spring is worn, do not attempt to replace it yourself, instead, call a professional.

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    Do a reversal test

    To do this test, take a wooden board or brick and place it in the garage door's path. If the door touches an object while opening, it should change direction.

How Often Should A Garage Door Be Serviced?

Another question our customers often ask is about the frequency of garage door maintenance. The answer to this question is not entirely clear-cut because the more you take care of the door, the longer it will last. However, it is recommended to have at least one checkup by a specialist each year. This way, a professional technician can inspect your garage door and detect any damage at an early stage. He will also be able to lubricate the parts of your mechanism, tighten the screws and check the springs. This all affects the operation of your garage door and will protect against unexpected breakdowns.

You may also have your garage door inspected monthly to prevent major damage. Pay attention to any extraneous sounds during the mechanism's operation and monitor how well your door works. We advise contacting a professional garage door service if you notice even the smallest malfunction.

Summing up

If you still decide to entrust the care of your garage door to professionals, then you can always contact us! Up & Down Garage Doors has been in business for over ten years and can satisfy all of your garage door needs, from panel replacement to torsion spring repair. Also, you can use our general garage door service and not have to worry about the condition of your device. Don't hesitate to give us a call to solve any garage door problems you may have!

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