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How To Open Garage Door Manually

Power outages always cause a lot of inconvenience and annoyance. Usually, the most common reasons for power outages are weather conditions or problems in the network itself. Often, it takes some time until the power is restored. One of the biggest downsides of a power outage is that all of our electrical devices stop working. This is problematic, as nowadays our lives revolve around our smart devices, which are created to simplify our everyday life.

Can an electric garage door be opened manually?

A garage door that does not work is always a problem that brings a lot of inconveniences. After all, in general, garage doors are designed not only to protect our property but also to simplify our everyday life. This is especially true of electric garage doors that can be opened remotely using a remote opener. If there is no electricity in the house, then the electric garage door won't work either. That's why you need to know how to resolve this issue quickly. If you think that an electric garage door won't open manually, then we have some great news for you.

Garage door manufacturers took this drawback into account and found a solution to the problem. Therefore, if you know about certain features, you can open your electric garage door manually without assistance. Below, we'll discuss two options for opening the door, depending on the situation.

How Do I Open The Inside Of My Garage?

Knowing how to open a garage door manually can sometimes save the day. However, even knowing about the way it works, it's still a good idea to be careful. In addition, if your garage door has certain malfunctions, like worn springs, it can be impossible to open it without the help of a professional. In a case like this, when trying to manually open the garage door is just not possible, you should consider using our garage door repair service! Below we'll discuss the steps to take for opening the garage door from the inside.
  • Open your garage door:Most often, latches and locks on garage doors are located outside the door.Go outside and unlock all the locks to open your garage door without any obstacles.
  • Disable the automatic door opening function:To do this, disconnect the power cord from the automatic door opener.
  • Locate the emergency release cord:This cord is quite easy to find as it has a red plastic handle on the end.It is usually located on the center rail of the garage door guide.It is important only to use the emergency release cord when your garage door is fully closed.
  • Detach the garage door from the trolley:Pull the emergency release cord. This will allow you to open the garage door manually.
  • Manually lift the garage door:Lift your garage door from the bottom up until the door locks into place.Only after that can you drive your car out of the garage.
  • Close the garage door:Once outside of the garage, close your garage door and lock it.
sliding door in flat
sliding door in flat

How Do I Open The Garage Door From The Outside?

Sometimes a garage door breakdown can happen at the most unexpected moment. For example, in the morning when you leave for work, you use your garage door without any problems. However, after arriving home that evening, you began to have problems with the electrical network, and the garage door stopped working. Is it possible to open the garage door without power from the outside? Let's figure out what to do in a situation like this step by step.
  • Find the emergency release kit:
    Most often, this set is located in the upper part of the garage door. It stores the emergency
    release cable. Additionally, you will need a key to open the garage door manually.
  • Unlock the emergency release cord:
    To do this, turn the key and pull out the lock bolt.
    After that, open the cable. This cord allows you to switch the door to manual mode.
  • Open the garage door:
    To do this, unlock the lock next to the handle with a key and turn the handle vertically.
  • Raise the garage door:
    After that, lift the garage door up by hand and check that the door locks into place.
    Only then can you enter the garage.
  • Close the garage door:
    Pull the door down and close it.

Summing Up

In conclusion, even in a situation like this, you can find a logical solution. This means a reliable garage door service that can always assist you. If you are still looking for one, then Up & Down Garage Doors is the perfect choice for you! Our company has been working in this field for over ten years and we provide all types of services – from installation to repairs of any parts. So please don't hesitate to call us and solve all your problems with garage doors quickly and efficiently!

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